Blog | Arcade Fun

So it’s June once again. It just simply means that school season will start its 10-month run. But before students get busy with their assignments and school requirements, I decided to take out my kid sisters in the arcade to have a little bit of fun.

Krispy Kreme dessert

Krispy Kreme dessert

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Blog | BrotherĀ andĀ Sister

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For 18 years, there’s just the two of us. partners. brother & sister. we are very close. but as brothers and sisters do, we also fight. and when we fight, we fight hard and long. but at the end we still love each other. we know what makes us tick and what makes us happy. but things have changed. we now have 3 more sisters care of our dad. and soon, another kid will enter the family, her son. I miss just being the two of us but there’s always an end to everything and the change that is happening is for the better and for our own sake. changes made us both grow as a person, in character, in beliefs, and in principles. now we are adults. we are now held responsible for our own lives and for those younger to us. but it doesn’t hurt when we return to our childhood days from time to time.