Grub | Kapitolyo Foodtrip

Snaps from our visit around some of Kapitolyo’s restaurants.

Poco Deli


German Sausage & Cheese Platter (Double) [Kielbasa, Nuernberger & Chicken Sausage]



Citrus delight

Rub Ribs & BBQ


Ribs + bacon and potato salad & sprice (spiced fried rice)

Lia’s Cakes in Season


Avocado Cake


Calamansi Tea Cake

Epic Coffee Roastery


Almond Rocca Cappuccino & Epic Blend Frappe


SCENE | Birthday Food Trip

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Food is fun! For two days I’ve celebrated my birthday with close friends. Last monday, I went out with my college thesis group at Yakimix, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. We’ve planning for this dinner for a month now since three of us celebrated our birthdays in August – Rassel, 8-09; Zyra, 8-22; and me, 8-28. But at the last minute, Rassel and Franz decided to change their plans and went to Enchanted Kingdom instead. Zyra and I let them. So we still pushed through with our dinner because we haven’t experienced eating at Yakimix yet. When I we got in, I was surprised that it was buffet-style. I had no idea. It was better that Omakase. At least we could try all the dishes without spending that much. And I wasn’t disappointed. All the dishes we’re well presented and well cooked. It was delicious. My first plate consisted of rice and other viands. All the dishes I picked were very good. The tastes were all new to me. I was ready to for more. Different kinds of maki filled my second plate. I was very excited picking through an array of maki on the table. each with its own flavor and color. But I was so stuffed after finishing the plateful of maki. But that didn’t stop me from getting another plate of desserts. I got a bowl of ice cream, a slice of cake and 2 cups of cheesecake. This time I was full. My friends were full as well. But it was a very fun experience and we all had fun being together

The next day, I had snack-dinner with my coworker from St. Camillus Polyclinic – Rehabilitation department. We went to Shakey’s, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. It was double birthday bash with Antonette -her birthday was August 30. It was great that all us were able to come except for the two kuyas. We ordered the monster meal good for 10-12 persons. Of course, photo-taking session was not to be missed. The highlight of the night was when the staff sang for us a birthday song and gave us 2 cups of ice creams. It was all good and fun. I wouldn’t anything else for my birthday than to see all my friends and have fun.

Right now I’m still waiting for my college friends, MIB, and Comrades.