Blog | 2011 to 2012

December 30, 2010, I wrote about the goals I have for the coming year and the plans I would take to achieve those goals. When I made those goals, I had the SMART principle in mind. I limited my goals to six, just the more important ones, so that that I can focus on them all. Out of the six,  I achieved three of them.

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Blog | On Foot

I’ve always liked to travel on foot especially to places new to me. I don’t know, there’s just a sense of freedom and satisfaction in being able to go places just by walking. I get to go where no car or vehicle can go. I can explore alleys and of road trails or a busy market perhaps. There just so much to appreciate around that can only be don by walking

Hiking Trail to Hiji Falls

My senses are all excited with all the stimulus it is receiving. I get to see everything without any restraint like a seatbelt or the car window. I have the luxury of having second looks or have a moment with the sight as I please. I could all the local sounds around – the swooshing sound of the sea as it hits the breakwater, o the chirping of the birds as they nestle in the trees, and the happy japanese school girls giggling as they choose which skimpy shorts they want to buy.

Walk to American Village

I couldn’t experience it just by driving by a place. It’s not traveling if you just went by it. You can’t say, ‘yeah, I’ve been there once, I went pass it.’ WTF is that? No! You haven’t been there. You can’t count that as your travel. It’s like saying, ‘I went to China because my airplane flew by it.’

The true traveler is he who goes on foot, and even then, he sits down a lot of the time. Colette, 1944


TRAVEL | Shurijo Castle Park

Okinawa, Japan – Last Sunday, we went to leisure to stroll in one of Okinawa’s must see places, Shurijo Castle. Okinawa was previously known to be the Kingdom of Ryukyu and the Shuri Castle served as its center of politics, foreign affairs, and culture. Its unique and exceptional architecture was said to be influenced by both China and Japan. Thus, in December 2000, Shuri Castle became the 11th World Heritage site within Japan.

The Map of Shuri Castle in the Ryukyu Kingdom

Map of Shuri Castle in the Ryukyu Kingdom

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Blog | Livng by the beach

The Araha Beach

clear waters of Araha Beach

I’ve always imagined how it feels like to live by the beach. Anytime you feel like relaxing or have a free time, you could just put on your board shorts, grab a towel, and walk to the beach. That simple. You don’t need to plan the trip nor drive a long way. Also, you don’t have to file a leave of absence or wait for a long weekend to be able to enjoy the warmth of sun, the refreshing sea, and tickling sand on your feet.

For me, the beach is where you go if you want to escape and enjoy, relax and be free. Filipinos usually flock beaches during the summer season, or the semestral break, or during long weekends. It is also where some people seek serenity, independence, excitement, and sometimes love.

view of Araha beach from the amphitheater

So this one afternoon, I decided to make use of my free time to stroll along the beach and fully experience how resort-like living feels. It takes about 5 minutes of leisurely walk to reach the seaside and about 15 minutes to the beach. A running lane will welcomed me that led to the beach. Immediately I felt the cool soothing breeze of the wind touching my skin.

The Araha Beach

leisure stroll by the beach

When I reached the beach, I tried to look of a nice spot to sit down, relax, read a magazine, and just chill. It’s really not that hard to pick a good spot to stop for a while because there were a number of benches near the beach and in the park. There were also some pavillions where people can stay for shade.

It was nice to just sit there and think about virtually nothing. I could go on for hours just looking at the clear water of the sea or the horizon as the sea meet the sky. I could also go on looking around seeing different people enjoying their free time alone, with a partner, or with their families. I could also spend a lot of time taking pictures of the beautiful scene that I don’t get to enjoy much often.

Araha Beach near Sunset

As a leisure major, I could say that I had meaningful use of my free time. I got to observe how people spent their leisure at the beach. There were a lot of leisure experiences provided by Araha beach and Park to the residents. Some of the leisure activities that I saw were: children playing at the playground and kiddie zipline, dog-walking, biking, running, jogging, lounging, kayaking, wake boarding, fishing, sleeping, and playing basketball. I saw people who just went to the beach by foot, and people who came by car. Some were dressed in beach attire, some in their sports / workout clothes, and one who looks like he just came from the office.

The beach is different for different people. For some, it’s about family-time and for others, lone-time. For most it’s about enjoyment and excitement, and for others, peace and tranquility. As for me, it’s a time-out from the modern world – the stress, the noise, the chaos.

walk on the sands of araha beach

As walk back home, I felt I had a renewed perspective and a refreshed mind. It’s really quite nice forgetting everything else for a while and just lose yourself in awe with the beauty around you – nature and people. I may not be conquering mountains lately but I guess the beach can substitute that high.

TRAVEL | Okinawa Halloween


Okinawa, Japan – There was a Halloween costume contest in Nihama American Village that we went to last night. I was surprised to see that people still flocked the area even though it was Monday.

So we walked to the venue thinking that traffic would be heavy. We could already see people wearing costume on our way. At the site, people scramble to have their picture taken with those who wore their costumes. Of course this was a photo op that I wouldn’t miss. Too bad that I didn’t charge my camera and the battery became exhausted after some shots.

We were amazed with some of the costumes made. The most impressing ones are the most intricate and detailed ones. There were samurais, nightmare clowns, and  a lot more. Of course, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without the ghosts and ghouls, the scary, silly, and the sexy.

Here are some of my favorites:



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