So last January I went to Guam, not for a grand vacation in an island paradise, but to take an exam. Yes, an exam that could might as well be the most important exam that I will take in my career to date.

For one week, we stayed in the Hotel Santa Fe in Tamuning and studied. We studied by ourselves in front of our laptops or books or flashcards, or with a class through recorded lectures. We also had practice exams to simulate how it is like to take the exam 5 hours straight. The only time that we get to go out was when we need to buy supplies or groceries for the coming days. Our usual source of supplies was Guam Premier Outlet.

Our exam was scheduled a day before our departure date which only gave half a day to go out and explore the island. What’s nice about staying in Guam was that everywhere you go, you would surely find a Filipino ready to help another fellow Filipino. I’m very much grateful to our kababayans who made our last night at  Guam memorable. Here’s some of the photos I’ve taken.









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