Hesitating a Leap

It seems like a leap of faith. I want to accept their word as the truth without even seeing concrete evidence of their support and commitment. Now, I begin to doubt and hesitate. Am I willing to risk my future to something vague and unsure. For them, they are dead on decided in employing me abroad. But how can I be sure that I would not be short-changed or be in the losing-end? How would I know that my welfare will be put in their best interest?

I am so decided in joining another agency. But when I heard their conviction of deploying me within the year, I got hooked. I don’t consider myself naive. but at that time, I believed that they will be the ones to help me realize my dreams.

I am really anxious now. I don’t know. So unsure. They are now pressuring us to accomplish things but I haven’t seen the contract yet. What if I don’t like their terms? I would be left with nothing. I would be turning down 2 agencies now. And If I turn this one, I would be back to nothing. Zero. I don’t want to seem desperate. But I just feel hopeless right now. So confused. These are big decisions. So alone.

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