SCENE | Poked and Punctured

This weekend, I attended a seminar-workshop on Dry needling. At first, I was really scared because I don’t like needle. The truth is, I hate needles. I hate injections. I don’t like the feeling of being punctured. It hurts! But this weekend, I had to muster up all my courage for the sake of knowledge and professional growth.

So for two days, I was poked and punctured in different parts of my body. If remember it correctly, I was needled in the butt cheek, the calf, the arm, the forearm, the foot, the back, and the nape. It hurt. But it hurt in a good way. I can testify to an immediate result from dry needling.

On the first day, I volunteered to be needled in the piriformis (a muscle in the buttocks area). I decided to volunteer because for the longest time, I’ve been suffering from sciatica. Before performing the procedure, my groupmates did their assessment – muscle length test, palapation, and special test. In doing the Straight-leg raising (SLR) test in my right leg, I tested positive for radicular pain. But after needling, they repeated the test and the result was surprising. The pain was gone. I only felt the stretch in my hamstrings. I instantly became a believer.

The past two days was so worth the time, effort and money. I got to learn new things. I got to try out a new technique. I got to see other people and be with friends I haven’t seen for a long time. I’m looking forward to practicing this new found knowledge and turning into a skill.


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